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Muscle-JuiceMuscle Juice™:  Muscle Juice™ is a must have supplement for anybody that does any type of rigorous exercise.  Especially for someone that is trying to recover from an intense workout.  While doing any type of resistance training the body loses a lot.  Specifically, elecrolytes (sodium and potassium) through perspiration as well as many key amino acids lost in muscle tissue like arginine, glutamine, and histadine.  Creatine, a naturally occurring substance in muscle tissue, is also added to enhance recovery time after a workout as well as improve endurance.  Lastly, 32 grams of whey protein and 32 grams of carbohydrates are added to this superb formula.  The blend of carbohydrates help to shuttle the ingredients into the cells as quickly as possible while replenishing glycogen stores (the energy in the muscle).

This product will take you to the next level of training by improving recovery times so you feel ready to take on that next workout without feeling sore or rundown.

Grams of Protein
% Organic

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